Behind the Scenes

On Friday, December 18, 2020, the recording sessions for the introductory performance episode of the podcast “Erinnerungszeichen” took place in the rooms of the Museum at the Robert Koch Institute. It goes without saying that the infection control regulations in force to combat the corona pandemic were complied with. Here are a few impressions…

For the episode on Georg Blumenthal, we welcomed former RKI president Reinhard Burger for an interview in our museum rooms on Monday, January 11.

On March 12, for the episode about Ulrich Friedemann, we were able to meet pediatrician Thomas Abel at our museum for an interview. Thomas Abel, who worked in the 1970s both in the clinic formerly headed by Ulrich Friedemann at Rudolf Virchow Hospital and at the RKI, reported on his day-to-day work at that time.

On August 10, Susan Loewenthal Lourenço, the 86-year-old daughter of Hans Loewenthal, visited our museum together with her daughter Margaret Lourenço. She spoke with RKI medical historian Benjamin Kuntz about her father.